Saturday, October 6, 2012

President Obama... and those disappointing Huskers

Well, I want to get my disappointment for the Huskers performance out of the way before I tell you about Obama.

I still enjoy (enjoy is being used as a loose term due to the Huskers performance) keeping up with the games at home but this last Ohio State game was murder for me.  I just wanted to cry.  38-63 OSU was the final score with me walking up and down my house cursing the Huskers and a few curious onlookers peeking in my door.

This week was pretty good for me, I began school which I learned is code for 'we will begin when the school director shows up okay?'  You would think I'd be used to this sort of thing by now but I still dragged my coteacher with me to introduce ourselves and gauge where the classes were in regards to their English level.

That was well and good for Monday through Wednesday but since Thursday I've only been in school for about an hour due to the tropical storm that is currently making the road outside my house into a river.

Finally, and sorry this is such a short one, President Obama will be coming to Cambodia in November after the election and the Peace Corps Volunteers have a chance to meet him.  We made this video so hopefully he accepts our invitation.

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