Thursday, January 19, 2012

Koh Rong and Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat, will visit again but this is when I did the marathon and didn't get to go during the daytime.

Koh Rong, the island where everyone got sick.

Koh Rong, me on my bungalow

Hitting my stride

So I'll come out and say it, December sucked.

Capped by a bacteria in my intestines that had me in the bathroom for a few days, I was also missing Christmas, New Years, and my birthday with all my friends and family.  All this buildup didn't make it any easier that EVERYONE stares at me no matter what I am doing.  Could be reading a book for example and suddenly I've got an audience.

January has been a better month and I feel like I'm beginning to hit my stride.  I already have 2 clubs up and running and am looking to expand into a third next week.  The kids seem to be enjoying the classes more as I am in a better mood and able to communicate directions and act out things in front of the classes.  I still get laughed at for my accent on frequent occasions but people seem to enjoy me and routine is becoming more natural.

I am also looking to start a garden my school director has been asking about for the better part of two months.  What do I know about gardening in a tropical monsoon like environment? Nada.  Should be interesting though as I'm sure she has a mental image of flowers and shrubbery, and mine will be vegetables and overgrown weeds.

Christmas and New Years were a lot of fun and I got to spend Christmas on a tropical beach with beautiful women, and spend New Years in Phnom Penh on a boat.  The island was very nice but I'm certain that the improper disposal on garbage and other less pleasant human leavings were a major contributing factor to my illness.

(Maybe leave that last part out when you tell the Grandmas)

Last week I was in Phnom Penh for some friends' Birthdays and we all had a blast.  I think about 5 volunteers had birthdays within a week of each other so we all came into Phnom Penh and went out how you're supposed to on your birthday.

Next up I've got a few weddings I've been asked to attend and then an all 80's party at the roller disco in the provincial capital city of Pousat.

I would also like to wish my Dad a happy birthday, 57's a good number (at least H.J. Hienz thought so).  Love ya and miss ya pops.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years 2012 here we come!